ROV Australia (TM)

ROV Pilots are highly skilled and qualified professionals. Not much would happen on the seabed without them. ROV Australia was started in 2008 recognising this unique niche in the Offshore Industry and over the years we have helped vessel operators and ROV teams succeed in their operations. 



Careers in ROV.​

If you are interested in working with us please send your CV. 


Attach a copy of your ROV time, your IMCA Logbook, Offshore Medicals and  Bosiet.


Please connect with us at linked in -

Operational Reviews.​

If you are a vessel / ROV operator feel free to contact us. We build teams, recruit, negotiate EBA's and ensure you have the best motivated and qualified ROV team.


We have managed and crewed ROV Vessels with great success and no down-time.



Dispute Resolution​

As we are objective and not alligned with any vessel operator- oil company or employee organisation we are in the perfect position to get great results when you have a challenge with broken down relationships.


We are a nationally accredited IAMA mediator and have had great resolutions. Mediation has proven to be  a very cost efficient working mechanism.