DeepOcean Group®

We started off as DeepOcean Group Pty Ltd ® engaged in crew and vessel management in Australasia. As the GFC wiped out quite a number of smaller vessel operators in 2009 2010 we transformed as well. We can now bring vessel operators, yards AND financiers together in addition to consultancy services.


Ranges from Project review, to tender reviews t subcontactor assessments

Vessel Assessments

You have your brokers, your lawyers, your superintendents and you surveyors.


If you are investing between 15 and 150m us$ are sure you covered all avenues? Over the years our risk assessments have saved clients 30+ fold of our fees.

OVID - Safety Cases​

OVID and safety case consulants love to scare the crap out of clients. Why don't you ask the people who are OVID inspectors what the real story is and how to prepare?.