For all jobs around the house



​For smart, safe, cost efficient repairs, jobs and clean ups.


AND we don't charge call out fees - we only charge for things we fix



Fence repairs, gardening, gutters & blockages, furniture assembly, garage clean outs.

Painting, fixing leaks, fitting taps. Plugs & fittings, smoke alarms and replacing batteries.



We do what we said we would and when we would. Our clients are the old, can't do it, or are simply to busy.

If you need it done sooner than later just contact us.

We do what we said we would do and when we said we would do it!
Call us - 0408 637 247


We at HenkTheHandyman.com.au

provide cost efficient, good solutions for your specific issue, be it small or large.

So you can move on in life.

“These guys don't muck around, they just solve the problem AND I can reach them at any given time.”

Annie, Senior Citizen

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"I had a fence falling down and rather than replace the whole fence Henk just did waht was needed and saved me a bomb of money. The dogs are safe again".

"I had a swing set that needed to be taken away so Henk turned it into a chicken coop instead. So now I have a clear yard and fresh eggs, how awesome is that??"

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